AFWall + Donate 2.9.6 Download – Android Firewall application

AFWall + Donate 2.9.6 is a powerful Firewall application for Android. This app allows you to restrict applications  to access 2G / 3G / 4G and / or Wi-Fi networks data when roaming. You can also control LAN traffic. So, Download one of the best android Firewall application – AFWall + Donate 2.9.6.

* Iptables is a firewall for GNU / Linux that is installed on most Linux distributions by default.

Android Firewall application

Note : This app only work when your phone is rooted.

Or you can also try NetGuard Pro – No Root Firewall

Some Key Features of AFWall + Donate 2.9.6:

– Import / export rules to external storage
– Enter DroidWall Rules
– Search the apps
– Filter apps
– Multiple profiles with custom names
– Tasker / Locale support
– Highlight custom system applications
– Also able to hide application icons (faster loading)
– Use LockPattern to protect the software
– Show / hide program ID
– Roaming option in case of 3G / Edge connection
– VPN support
– LAN support
– Tether support
– Supports both IPv6 and IPv4
– Device management support (AFWall + protection against deletion)
– Ability to choose language
– Select binaries iptables / busybox
– Support for x86 / mips / arm devices
– Supports only wifi tablets
– And more …

Download Links – 5.3 MB

WHAT’S NEW in Version 2.9.6

* LAN/Data leak issues on 7.x
* Also fix application list refresh issue
* Minor fix in startupscript – Thanks Peake
* Updated support libraries
* Reported crash fixes
* Updated translations

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