AFWall + (Donate) 2.7.0 Android firewall software download

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AFWall + (Donate) v2.7.0 software for Linux IP firewall Tyblz * powerful. This app allows you to programs that are allowed to access the data network 2G / 3G and / or Wi-Fi when roaming limit. You can also control the LAN network traffic.

AFWall + (Donate) 2.7.0 Android firewall software download* IP Tyblz (in English: iptables) firewall for GNU / Linux that is installed by default on most Linux distributions.

The application features AFWall + (Donate) Android : 
– Import / export rules to external storage
– Import Droidwall Rules
– Search application
– filter programs
– multiple profiles with custom names
– supports the Tasker / Locale
– Highlight the system applications with custom colors
– ability to hide application icons (faster loading)
– use LockPattern for software protection
– Show / Hide ID program
– option roaming for 3G / Edge
– VPN support
– support LAN
– supports Tether
– support for IPv6 / IPv4
– support for device management (protection of AFWall + deletion)
– choice of language
– select iptables / busybox binary
– supports devices x86 / MIPS / ARM
– support for tablets only wifi
– and …

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