AZ Screen Recorder Premium – No Root v4.8.6.1 + AZ Plugin

AZ Screen Recorder Premium is the best app for recording your Lollipop screen. This app does not require root access, there is no time limit, no watermark, no ads, and it’s easy to use with a single step to start and stop recording. So, Download AZ Screen Recorder Premium – No Root v4.8.6.1 + AZ Plugin now for free.

This screen capture app lets you to capture videos from the screen by providing the features you need. The app is so simple and easy to use because of it’s elegant design. Now you can also record your phone screen in HD or Full HD quality. As well as it is the only screencast app in the Android market provide paused and resumed features while recording.

You can also record audio from the microphone. Also when video is recording it also record sound. And this features make it suitable for creating tutorials, promo videos, explaining your own game play or video chat capture.

  • AZ Screen Recorder - No Root Screenshot
  • AZ Screen Recorder - No Root Screenshot

AZ Screen Recorder Pro Download

AZ Plugin 2 – for Video Editing

Features of AZ Screen Recorder Premium:

Magic Button: A button that controls your recording without displaying anything on the screen. So, your video viewers focus only on the app, the game, or anything else you want to capture.

Front Camera Cover: You can capture your face and feel in a small cover window that can be pulled freely to any position on the screen. Also it is customized to any size and transparency.

Countdown Timer: There is something you have to prepare before recording? Do not worry, the countdown timer waits until you start to hit and hit the one you want to get ready for.

Draw on screen: This is a unique feature to build a very suitable tutorial. You can emphasize, draw a symbol, or mark anything with any selected color directly on your page.

Correction of videos: Video recording of the page can be long and contain unnecessary information, you can delete the pieces you do not want to create your own videos.

Last version changesRequires Android

– Improve UI to select audio, video and image easier
– Bug fixes and other improvements

Android 5.0 and Latest