Bluelight Filter for Eye Care is a very useful app for those who use the phone for a long time. It filters out the harmful blue light from your Android smartphone display to keep your eyes safe. And here is the latest premium Mod unlocked version that you can download with a direct download link. So, Download Bluelight Filter for Eye Care 2.10.2 APK + Mod APK now.

Download Bluelight Filter for Eye Care 2.10.2 Mod APK

Bluelight Filter for Eye Care is a great anti-fatigue as well as an eye-care application! As you know, the blue light comes on your Android device screen causes eye tiredness and problems with falling asleep. The software automatically tunes the color of your device’s screen to reduce its blue glare so that your eyes will remain safe.

You’re less tired and you’re having difficulty sleeping too much without having to work too hard! If you are a user who works late at night with your Android smartphone or tablet and concerns about the weakening of your eyes, we recommend to use this excellent application.

If the Bluelight Filter app is turned on, the installer of the apps and games will be disabled. When this application is active and you want to install a program, the install button will be deactivated. So when you install any apps or games Turn off the filter service and then install any apk files or apps.

Download Bluelight Filter for Eye Care Mod APK

Features of Bluelight Filter for Eye Care App

  • It reduce the blue light on the screen to reduce the stress on the eye
  • Experience to apply settings to launch the application and its features automatically
  • Produce 5 color filters with the ability to choose between them by you and users
  • Ideally filtering colors and viewing news, email, websites perfectly
  • Producing functional features to show or hide the filter in the status bar and so on
  • And More…

Mod and Light version Key Features

Mod: Unlocked version no License Key needed Full + All calls from ads and services action removed + Promoted Apps disabled on Mthe ain screen + Promo completely removed Tab Apps.

Light: Optimized graphics as well as cleaned resources for fast load <improved result (2.61 MB total apk size)  + All ads and services calls from activity removed + Encrypted all resources + Languages: En, Ru

Bluelight Filter for Eye Care + Mod APK Download Links

Download Bluelight Filter 2.10.2 Mod APK – 6 MB

Download Light + Unlocked APK – 6/2 MB

Latest Version Changes

  • Added black notification panel.
  • Added the new notification settings for Android O devices.
  • Designed for Android P