Download Latest Chrome Canary 74.0.3702.2 APK for Android

Chrome Canary Web browser is an experimental version Chrome browser with some newest updates and features experiment puts at your disposal. Google is the owner and developer of the new internet browser and constantly working on updating and fixing its defects. The developer even trying to add new features to it. And here is the latest official version which you can directly download and install. So, Download Chrome Canary 74.0.3702.2 APK now.

This is basically a tested version for Android users. After adding new features and testing by Google engineers, it will be released as an update to the Yellow Chrome browser so Google can get quick feedback from the browser’s new features and changes made to them. This internet browser is not sustainable and receives numerous updates, and professional users can review the test features.

Download Chrome Canary APK


Features of Chrome Canary 74.0.3702.2 APK

  • Chrome Experimental Browser
  • A simple interface like the original Chrome
  • Trust and security from Google
  • Get bulky and full bulk updates
  • Get the latest features as well as fix defects
  • Suitable for professional users
  • Get quick feedback from users by Google
  • Complete program instability
  • And More…

Google launches it as an update to Yellow Chrome after the updates themselves. So it can be concluded that this program receives a lot of updates in a week with high volumes and is not stable at all. Professional users can use this browser to send quick feedback to Google and test new browser features. The program looks specifically the same as the Chrome program, and after the final test, the new features are being prepared for release in the original.

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Download Now [Chrome_Canary_Unstable_APK] – 46 MB

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