Critical Ops MOD hacked game is a perfect complement of Counter-Strike, the famous PC game. Here you will play in a very classic and hot battle versus the forces of special forces. Get extra weapons and deflect all attacks by law execution. And here is the latest Mod hacked APK which you can download with a direct download link. So, Download Critical Ops 1.2.1.f396 Mod APK with Map hack now and enjoy the gameplay.

Download Critical Ops 1.2.1.f396 Mod APK Minimap Hack

Critical Ops game is an amazing action game and FPS (first-person shooter) inviting your skills. In this game, you will face an interesting battle of the tactics of special forces companies. Play in the role of a terrorist, where you have to fight with special forces. This game also lets you play on various maps such as streets, semi-structured structures, and other unusual places. Do not neglect the game for a bit, because the opponents may surprise you at any moment! So look carefully around and block the actions of your enemies and be the 1st to shoot your enemy.

Control helpful situations and always be one step ahead of your enemy. So, keep in mind that do not provide the enemy for the smallest chance of winning. And if you are annoyed and stupid for some reason, then try your hand against other real players from around the world.

Download Critical Ops Mod APK

Critical Ops mod hacked version game unlocked the map or minimap where you can able to find the enemies position easily.

Key Features of Critical Ops Mod Game

  • Extremely attractive and stunning graphics
  • Dozens of weapons available for you
  • Fluid control
  • There are several maps which you choose from
  • Two anti-terrorist groups and terrorists
  • Ability to fight against other players
  • Infinitely exciting gameplay
  • Added Gun Game section to the game
  • Improved gameplay performance
  • Enhance the status of game servers
  • Redesigning as well as fixing some weapons-related problems
  • Bug fixes

Note: In the latest update, the game has improved the security and anti-hacking so that if the game is downloaded and installed from a place other than Google Play, you may meet an update error. Download the game from Google Play if this downloaded file generates any errors.

The Critical Ops Mod Hacked game offered by Critical Force Ltd. on Google PlayStore with 4.4/5 average users rating and millions of downloads. Full2Download recommends you to play this game on Android KitKat (v4.4) or the latest version with at least quad-core processor and 2 GB RAM.

Download Critical Ops Mod Minimap Hacked APK + Data File

Critical Ops Mod v1.2.1.f396 APK Download – 33 MB

Download Data File – 268 MB

Latest Version Changes

Social as well as the chat now merged into one button.
View a network indicator when we identify there are issues with your connectivity while in-game
Mission System visually refreshed

Network rule has been optimized
CPU Performance optimized

Hit registration fixes (shots not dealing hurt sometimes)
Also the third character animation fixes