Download Advanced Renamer v3.79 – Batch File Renamer application

Advanced Renamer is a free software for renaming multiple batch files and folders. It have several methods for calculating and applying new names. So, Download Advanced Renamer v3.79 for free.

This software will make it easy for you to rename a set of files and folders. Edit the name as deletion, replacement, add and …. It is also a great tool for organizing digital images for professional and beginner users. One of the key features of this software is the Thumbnail view of the file and multiple audio and video tools that make it easy to rename batch files.

Key Features of Advanced Renamer:

  • Free and Professional
  • Edit Name to Delete, Replace, Add more …
  • View thumbnail files and multiple audio and video tools
  • A great tool for organizing digital images for professional users as well as beginner
  • Compact in size
  • Compatible with most of the windows operating systems.
  • Supports UTF-8 in renaming files (this feature is not available in many file renaming software, and as a result there is a change in the names of files in Persian). Problems get)
  • And …

For all things, Advanced Renamer is an app that does its job, but it still needs a couple of improvements. It has a well-organized interface, but a wizard to help users throughout the whole process may come in very handy.

Download Advanced Renamer v379 - Batch File Renamer application

Download Advanced Renamer


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