Download AutoRuns v13.80

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Download AutoRuns v13.80

Download AutoRuns v13.80 for free.

It has been known to you that despite the installation of antivirus on the system, due to a flash memory connection, your computer has been infected with new viruses. And you can not even upgrade your antivirus and complete computer scan. Destroy viruses or even viruses to disable antivirus or allow installation of security programs. In this case, you should eliminate viruses yourself, which you can use for free from Microsoft software called AutoRuns .

AutoRuns is design to display programs that run automatically when system booting or logging in. In fact, this extremely small tool displays all software, DLL files, Codecs and other Windows executable files.Is. With this software, you can disable all malware that runs automatically when windows pops up. Through this software, you can find out what’s going on on your Windows OS and thus get rid of the virus.

In the Everything tab, all active programs and files are visible. The general methodology of the software is that if you want to uninstall a software or file. As well as it not only reboot the system, also uncheck it. Note that the program does not stop at the same time and the file will not execute after the first Restart of the system. But if you want the file to not execute in any way and completely delete the Autoruns list. Then right-click on it and then select Delete. This software uses very little of your system resources and can detect any errors.

AutoRuns is a tool that allows you to view as well as disable processes from a complete list of applications running at system startup. This kind of software comes in handy when you want to disable access for various malware that is automatically run when Windows is load.

Download AutoRuns 13.exe


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