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Download Kingsoft Office Suite 2012

Kingsoft Office Suite 2012
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Download Kingsoft Office Suite 2012 for Free

Kingsoft Office Suite 2012 software is an alternative software to Microsoft Office. This Software has a text editor, a spreadsheet editor, and power point presentation creator as well as lots of other features. So, Download Kingsoft Office Suite 2012 now for free. This application is also know as WPS office for android devices.

The application is compatible with all of the following file: ‘doc’, ‘xml’ and ‘ppt’ file. As well as you are able to save everything you do in one of these formats. Although, of course, it also has its own native format in which you can manage your documents. Another great feature is the possibility to export your work directly to PDF documents and it also has many other features.

Furthermore, it has a built-in PDF converter which allows you to convert all Kingsoft files into PDF files; and an automatic spell check function to proofread your assignments to ensure accuracy; the multiple tabs interface can avoid the hassles caused by having to switch between multiple document windows. The best part is it provides all the functions above in a relatively small install package of only 40 MB. This is just one-tenth the size of Microsoft Office.

It can meet all your office requirements without taking up space on your hard drive and the fact that it is free, and save you having to spend large amounts of money. Thus it can be seen as a free version of Microsoft Office.

Download Kingsoft Office Suite 2012 for Free

Download Kingsoft Office Suite 2012

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Kingsoft Office Suite 2012

Download Download Kingsoft Office Suite 2012

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