Download Open Camera 1.40 – Best Free Camera App

Open Camera is one of the best free camera app for android. It’s a fully function app with lots of new features and tools. So, Download Open Camera 1.40 now for free.

Features of the Android Open Camera application :

  • Option to auto-stabilize images
  • Zoom through multi-touch gestures, also get one-touch controls
  • Flash on / off / auto / torch
  • Selecting focus modes (including macro and one mode) Focus focus only when touching the screen.
  • Touch to select focus as well as area measurement.
  • Face Detection option.
  • Front / rear camera selection.
  • Selecting scene modes, color effects, white balance, ISO And also exposure compensation
  • Exposure lock support
  • Video recording (with optional sound, as well as video stability support, and frame rate change, and bitrate)
  • Selecting camera resolution, video quality, as well as JPEG image quality. Supports all resolutions provided by the camera. Also supports 4K UHD video (3840 × 2160) on some Samsung devices
  • Option to lock the page rotation for portrait and landscape for a photo or video
  • Timer option
  • Select any shooting mode from Continuous shooting mode as well as adjustable delay
  • Image display Thumbnail of the latest photo / video, with link to the gallery app
  • Option to mute the shutter
  • Work the GUI in any orientation as well as without any interruptions when changing the orientation. Option to optimize left and right handed users
  • Adjustable volume keys (like, for taking pictures, focusing, zooming, exposure compensation, turning auto-stabilization on / off)
  • Also you can Select the Save folder
  • Displays the battery, time, remaining device memory, orientation also orientation of the device on the screen
  • Preview aspect ratio
  • Optional labeling GPS location (geotagging) Photos and videos
  • Support for external microphone (may be powered by All devices are not supported)
  • Availability of instructions at
  • File size is so small
  • Completely free and free of charge, unlike most Android apps. As it’s a Open source
  • and …

(Some features may not be available on all devices, depending on hardware features as well as Android version.)

Open Camera ScreenshotOpen Camera ScreenshotOpen Camera ScreenshotOpen Camera Screenshot

Download Open Camera 1.40 APK