Download VoiceBot Pro v3.1 Full - Voice Powered Game Control

Download VoiceBot Pro v3.1 Full – Voice Powered Game Control Application

VoiceBot lets you take command with your voice! Say commands out loud to send actions to your games and applications. Use your voice to type keyboard shortcuts, click and move your mouse, and execute macros and scripts. So, Download VoiceBot Pro v3.1 Full version for free.

Key Features of VoiceBot Pro 3:

Advanced Voice Control:

  • Take control over your favourite games with VoiceBot’s advanced voice recognition. Bind voice commands to in-game actions and perform simple or complex actions with a single word.

Download VoiceBot Pro 3 full

Full VR Compatibility

  • Fully compatible with your favourite VR headsets, including the Oculus Rift. Take your VR gaming to the next level of immersion!

Ready-to-Use Game Profiles

  • Packed with hundreds of premade game profiles ready for you to use. Old games, new games, indie games as well as big-budget games, VoiceBot has you covered!

Scriptable Game Macros

  • Create custom game macros to bind to voice commands. Use our simple editor to create basic sequences, or code your own complex scripted macros using the built-in C# code editor. The only limit is your imagination!

Sync Between Computers

  • Sign-in to your Binary Fortress account as well as sync your game profiles between your computers automatically.

Global Control

  • Take charge of VoiceBot’s advanced voice recognition! Set up custom global hotkeys as well as voice commands to pause and start VoiceBot from anywhere.

Share with the Community

  • Create as well as share your own custom game profiles with the VoiceBot community. Have a favourite game that doesn’t have a profile? Set one up and we’ll help you share it with the incredible VoiceBot community so everyone can enjoy it!

Global Macros

  • Global Macros provide always-on commands, even when a profile is loaded. Commands like ‘close window’, ‘volume up’, ‘mute’, ‘lock desktop’ and many more. Use the built-in Global Macros or create your own for full control.

Available on Steam

  • Steam handles the installation and licensing, so you always have VoiceBot wherever you have your Steam games library.

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How to Install & Activate?

  1. Install the software. (Select Use Trial Version during installation.)
  2. Run the K*ygen.exe file in the K*ygen folder and select the name of the software (ie VoiceBot) from the drop-down menu and click Generate and copy the generated serial number.
  3. Run the software and select the License key from the Setting menu.
  4. Copy the serial number created in the K*ygen file to the License Key and click OK.