Download WinCam v1.6 exe for Windows Screen Capture

WinCam is a Windows software for live screen capture. Here you can choose which display range is the whole screen or a certain range of it. WinCam with 60 frames per second capability can be used to create video tutorials, record Skype calls, and more. You can also add special effects to your educational videos by zooming in or removing the Mac and applying animated moves to mouse clicks. There is also the ability to record sound through the microphone in addition to the sound of the system. Preview your recorded video you can preview before saving and modify them with basic editing tools, and so on. And here is the latest version of WinCam software that you can download. So, Download WinCam v1.6 for Windows Screen Capturing from here for free.

WinCam software is so easy to use because of its user-friendly interface. WinCam has lots of features that allow for almost any use: recording video tutorials, saving Skype calls, capturing various media in real time and creating visual content in a hit of a button.

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Features of the Wincam Screen Capture Software:

  • Specification of the original video, frame rate and effects before starting recording
  • Zoom in or remove Mac cursor and apply motion animation for the click of the mouse
  • Record audio through a microphone or Voice playing on the system or both
  • Possibility to edit recorded video before storage
  • View preview of video recorded before storage
  • Appropriate user interface
  • And …

Download Wincam Screen Capture Software


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