Driving Speed 2 v2.0.11 Download – Windows PC Game

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Driving Speed 2 v2.0.11 DownloadDownload Driving Speed 2 v2.0.11 Windows PC Game

Driving Speed 2 is an amazing free high-quality racing game for your PC. Choose from four high powered V8 muscle cars and race against up to 11 computer controlled opponents on two touring car circuits. Throughout the game you are able to play the classic modes: quick race, championship and of course LAN, against your friends. Send your fastest lap records to the online lap records where you can see your times against players from all around the world. And here is the latest EXE file of Driving Speed 2 game that you can download. So, Download Driving Speed 2 v2.0.11 now and enjoy the gameplay.

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In this Driving Speed 2 game initially, you can only change the paint job of your cars. After you get into the racing scene and start winning some money, you are free to customize them in terms of performance and handling. Stock, all the cars feel kind of the same when you drive them but once you get exhaust, intake, ECU, suspension, tires, transmission and other upgrades, they do make a big difference and you can feel it in the game.

Driving Speed 2 Game Download

Driving Speed 2 won’t be that kind of racing game where you smash the acceleration key and keep it pressed the entire race duration because here you’ll have to master when to brake, how to enter and exit a curve. Car damage is real and in championship mode, you do end up paying for what you wreck so taking good care of your car adds a bit more realism to the game.

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System Requirements:

  • Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / Windows 7
  • 1GHz CPU or higher
  • 256MB RAM
  • 228MB Hard Drive Space
  • Graphics Card with Pixel Shader Support
  • DirectX 9 Drivers

What’s New in version 2.0.7:

  • Optimized frame rate.
  • Fixed a minor glitch in the online leaderboard results.

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