Play FishingStrike, a new and amazing action fish game with realistic Graphics! Exciting Action! Feelings of true fishing joy! Enjoy one the best fishing game there is, made just for you by Netmarble!

FishingStrike 1.22.2 MOD Hacked Game

Pick a fisherman with whom you can fish and grow! Feel this tension by fishing with your group and all their know-how! Stay out the underwater world while keeping the fish you want to catch!

World-renowned Fishing Spots made in Realistic Graphics! Perfectly modeled Fish! Catch over 500 types of Fish that truly look real-to-life in perfectly-rendered, world-renowned Fishing Holes!

FishingStrike Mod game lets make your own Aquarium, and bring it to life with VR Mode! Then get a 360-degree view of fish moving realistically with AR Mode!

File Name FishingStrike 1.22.2 MOD
Developer Netmarble
Downloads 1,000,000+
File Size 211.57 MB
Supports with Android v4.0.3 and up

FishingStrike 1.22.2 MOD

FishingStrike Mod Hacked APK Download

What’s new in v1.22.2

New Fishing Equipment added!
Get a stronger fish with the new fishing equipment!

Easier gameplay in the early stages!
Gameplay has been made easier for the early stages!

Failed Fishing window will now display fish’s size, grade, and level!
Check the fish’s information and decide if you want to retry!

Tank fish management screen improved!
Selling and moving to another Tank became easier!

Whirlpool effect upgraded!
Identify the Whirlpool damage zone more easily!

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