Google Chrome Offline Installer Download – Auto Updated Latest Version

Google Chrome Offline Installer is a web browser application made by Google company. This browser aims to deliver a fast and simple Internet navigation mode. Bundling several powerful features, such as bookmarks, synchronization, privacy mode, extensions, themes, automatic web page translation, and some more.

Google implements the sandboxing technology for preventing malware from installing itself on your computer. The browser is auto updatable.

This browser is written based on the open-source browsers core, called WebKit.
For some of the features of Google chrome we can mention Tabbed browsing.  Also other features like privacy that was in windows explorer or Speed Dial that was in opera browser.

The sync mode allows you to sign in with your Google account and save your applications, themes, extensions. The best features are autofill forms, passwords, bookmarks, and other settings, so you can access them on all your devices.

This amazingly fast browser of Google is design as simple as the Google website, And the other thing that we can mention for Google chrome is Task manager that with this feature we can manage our process and that will make our job faster and easier.

Google Chrome manages to mix up a clean and simple interface with an advanced set of configuration settings for delivering streamlined and secure browsing sessions. and all the information above shows that Google Chrome is the perfect browser basically for every type of user out there.

Download Links

Windows Installation Version

Windows Cleanup Tools

Linux Version (.deb File For Debian and Ubuntu)

Apple Macintosh Version