Here is the latest official version of Google Keyboard or Gboard app that you can download install and use. To make your stock keyboard more flexible with your typing then you should try one of the most amazing and popular keyboard apps.

Google Keyboard Android App

It most downloaded and easy to use keyboard app from a top developer Google. Most of the device manufacturer by default includes this keyboard app when they release a new Android device. But some of the devices in the market comes with a customize or 3rd party keyboard app, if you use one of that device, then you should try this Gboard app by Google.

Tons of advanced features make this keyboard as the most popular top rated keyboard for Android. It does not matter that from where you are or what is your language because of it support most of the popular languages in the world to make your writing easy and helpful.

Google Keyboard comes with OK Google supports, the most advanced and unique features of this app. It is very smart to track your voice and start writing what you say, but you need wake up by saying “OK Google” then it will convert your voice into text. This OK Google makes your task more simple and easy with its voice recognization technology.

Key Features of Gboard

  • Gesture Entry – Write quickly by sliding your finger from one letter to another.
  • Voice input – dictate your text with ease when on the go.
  • Handwriting – writes with printed or cursive letters in 100 different languages.
  • Search and Share – Tap “G” to search and share various content on Google
  • Emoji search – find the perfect emoji in the blink of an eye.
  • And More…

Google Keyboard or Gboard app offered by Google LLC on Google PlayStore with 4.2/5 average users rating and billions of downloads. Full2Download recommends you to use this app on Android 2.3 or the latest version with at least dual-core processor 1 GB RAM.

Google Keyboard APK Download Links

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Latest Version Changes

50+ language varieties, including: Alas, Amis, Brahui, Choctaw, Gayo, Giryama, Gorontalo, Gusii, Hehe, Iban, Jingpho, Kadazandusun, Kamba, Kekchi, Konkomba, Konzo, Kumyk, Lugbara, Luo, Makassar, Meru, Nande, Ndau, Nkore, Nyaturu, Sasak, Teso, Tooro & Wayuu, Karelian, Komi-Permyak, Eastern Oromo, Trinidadian Creole English

Previous Versions

Google_Keyboard v7.6.13.215505041