Grow Survivor Dead Survival v3.6 MOD APK

Grow Survivor Dead Survival v3.6 MOD APKDownload Grow Survivor Dead Survival v3.6 MOD Game

Grow Survivor – Dead Survival is a zombie hunting game for Android. Hunt zombies and vaccines study as well as save the world. The game is Simple manipulation!! And addictive! Here you have to click on the screen to kill the zombies. The game contains gather Materials to Craft Weapons! And here is the latest MOD Unlimited version game that you can download. Grow Survivor Dead Survival MOD edition comes with all features unlock as well as adfree users experience. So, Download Grow Survivor Dead Survival v3.6 MOD Game now and enjoy the gameplay.

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Features of Grow Survivor MOD Game

  • Pushes even when the screen is pressed
  • The reinforcement of Stet according to the level
  • Weapons (pistol) Manufacturing and strengthening system
  • Accessory system
  • Skin systems with different abilities
  • The mercenary and robot manufacturing system
  • Invasion of bases where weapons plans are available
  • Basic defense of competition
  • Boss Reid can get weapons and Struggles
  • Explore events to get a wide range of materials.
  • And More…

This game is developed by PixelStar Games on Google PlayStore with 3.9 users rating. And it works with Android 4.1 or latest version.

Grow Survivor Dead Survival v3.6 MOD Hack Download

Latest Version Changes:

  • Added Touching Attack item(Attacks at very high speed when touching the screen)
  • Added 2x reward

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