Hero Defense King v1.0.12 Mod APK [Infinite Edition]Download Hero Defense King v1.0.12 Mod Infinite Edition

Hero Defense King is a new amazing tower defense and strategy game for Android. In this game, you are in the role of a player controlling as well as guiding the king’s heroes, the invaders intend to capture the empire and capture the king’s life, and you must act at your own pace and, of course, use special strategies. Destroy them and prevent them from reaching their targets! And here is the latest MOD edition of Hero Defense King game that you can download for free. Hero Defense King MOD edition comes with infinite money and more. So, Download Hero Defense King v1.0.12 Mod APK now and enjoy the gameplay.

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This game comes with more than 150 different stages and missions are included in the Hero Defense King’s special areas, which is expected to bring you one of the best and most exciting tower defense games!

Features of Hero Defense King Game

  • More than 24 different types of defense towers!
  • Lots of maps laid out over the forest, volcano, ice, desert, and fantasy world!
  • Unique monsters in each region!
  • Defense tower’s effective range, attack, cost, and speed can be custom upgraded!
  • Level-up a hero to use it as the battlefield commander!
  • Level-up a knight to use it as the reinforcement!
  • Magical skills as well as hero skills with awesome powers!
  • Want to play faster? Use the 3x fast forward feature!
  • And More…

This game is offered by mobirix on Google PlayStore with 4.4 average users rating. And it works with Android 4.4 or latest version.

Hero Defense King MOD Hack APK Download

Latest Version Changes

  • Improved Game System.
  • Bug Fixes.