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KinScreen v5.2.1 APK [Unlocked] – Most Advanced Screen Control

KinScreen v5.2.1 APK [Unlocked]
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KinScreen v5.2.1 APK [Unlocked]Download KinScreen v5.2.1 Unlocked APK for Android

KinScreen is the most powerful as well as useful screen controller app for Android. Is your screen turning off while you’re using? Want to turn your screen on without the power button? Want better battery life? And here is the latest full unlocked version of KinScreen that you can download for free. KinScreen v5.2.1 Unlocked edition comes with all features access as well as ad-free experience. So, Download KinScreen v5.2.1 Unlocked APK now for free.

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Using the KinScreen app automatically keeps your screen on while you’re using your phone, but turns it off more quickly when you aren’t to save power. And this makes it extremely convenient for you while improving battery life. No more touching the screen to stop it from timing out!

Features of KinScreen App

  • Turn screen on with a wave
  • Turn screen off with a short timeout when in pocket or face down
  • Keep screen on just by holding the device
  • Keep screen on while using certain apps
  • You can turn screen on while charging
  • Keep screen on indefinitely with a widget, QuickSettings toggle, or notification
  • And More…

This app is developed by TeqTic on Google PlayStore with 4.4 average users rating. And it works with Android 4.1 or latest version.

KinScreen v5.2.1 Unlocked APK Download

Latest Version Changes

  • Workaround for long wakelocks on OnePlus 8.1 devices
  • Fixed timeout being temporarily extended during long standing wakelocks even if keep-on by waving unchecked
  • Fixed flashing during long dim wakelock
  • Create notification channels before showing notification instead of inactivity for people upgrading on/to Oreo
  • Re-acquire long wakelocks less frequently
  • Fixed a rare crash
  • Changed “Turn screen off” to “Time out screen”
  • Colored subheadings in green

KinScreen v5.2.1 APK [Unlocked]

Download KinScreen v5.2.1 APK [Unlocked] – Most Advanced Screen Control


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