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Knock Lock Pro apk – AppLock Screen v6.0.1 Patched

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Knock Lock Pro apk – AppLock Screen v6.0.1 Patched using old techniques unnoticed lock for your smart phone? Even a child can not open the lock that tired?

Knock Lock Pro apk - AppLock Screen v6.0.1 Patched

Do not worry, here’s the new and improved solutions for locks and lock screen apps for Android devices you there. Innovative knock lock screen that would be nosy intruders!
Don’t worry, here comes the NEW and improved solution for Screen Lock & App Lock for your Android Devices. The innovative Lock Screen will leave intruders baffled!

With KnockLock so that you don’t need to keep 2 differnt locking applications.
KNOCK LOCK-APP LOCK will not only lock your device but also server as an App Lock that will confuse any hacker!!!
YES this is it..!!It’s the INVISIBLE PATTERN LOCK.
All you need to do is tap on the screen and unlock your device or Apps. MAGIC! No unauthorized person will be able to Unlock your device or access your Apps/ contents EVER! The INVISIBLE Pattern Lock is a revolutionary application that unlocks your device without disclosing your Password.
The lock screen is beautified by custom date and time formats with the AWESOME HD WALLPAPERS! The path for unlocking is Hidden! Only you are able to access your device or apps and prevent UNAUTHORIZED or FORCED access.

AND NOT ONLY THIS, you can now have access to over 4 types of Locking Techniques both for Lock Screen or App Lock i.e Knock Lock, Shutter Lock, Pattern Lock, Time Password.

Features of Knock lock PRO are-
1. Prevent Unauthorized Access
2. Invisible path to Unlock Pattern.
3. Helps preventing accidental calling/ butt dialing.
4. Prevents others from using your device.
5. Superbly rich graphics.
6. App Lock


Download Knock Lock Pro apk – AppLock Screen v6.0.1 Patched

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