Linux Kernel Crash Book by Igor Ljubuncic PDF

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Linux kernel crash analysis is not an everyday topic. It is very likely a niche topic, which will interest only administrators and professionals dabbling in the kernel. This condition may stop you from reading the , as you may not be either the person maintaining server boxes nor the code developer trying to debug his .

Linux Kernel Crash Book by Igor Ljubuncic PDF

However, you may also consider this book as a very extensive learning lesson in what goes behind the curtains of a typical system. While you may not find immediate use to the contents presented in this book, the general knowledge and problem solving methods and tools you find here should serve you universally. Come the day, come the opportunity, you will find this book of value.

Igor Ljubuncic wrote:
I have written the book in a simple, linear, step-by-step manner, trying to make it accessible even to less knowledgeable people. I am fully aware of the paradox in mixing words inexperienced users with kernel crash analysis, but it does not have to be so. Reading this book will provide you with the confidence and understanding of what makes your Linux box tick. However, it cannot replace hands-on experience and intuition gained from actual work with Linux systems.

Linux Kernel Crash Book is available under following conditions:
The book is free for personal and purposes. Business organizations, companies and commercial websites can also use the book without additional charges, however they may not bundle it with their products or services. Said bodies cannot sell or lease the book in return for money or other goods. Modifications are not permitted without an explicit approval from the author. All uses must be accompanied with credits and a link to

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