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MacroDroid Pro 3.18.2 – Android Automation App Download

MacroDroid Pro 3.18.2 - Android Automation App
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Download MacroDroid Pro 3.18.2 – Android Automation App full version for free.

MacroDroid Pro 3.18.2, One of the best android automation app to do automatic task or job. The apps allow you configure task to run or schedule the job using simple interface. The app is very easy to use and also very helpful for optimize android CPU and Memory usages. When a lots of apps run together in background, then the device consume a maximum amount memory and cpu. But using this app you can control them all.

Features of MacroDroid Pro 3:

  1. Respond to incoming SMS by sending your current location – Change Key Power (ie when it is in your pocket leave) – Use NFC tags to configure the device (turn on bluetooth, volume, etc.) – and …
  2. Airplane Mode Enabled / Disabled, App Installed / Removed, App Opened / Closed, Battery Level,
  3. Bluetooth Event, Day / Time, Device Boot, Device Docked / Undocked, Dial Phone Number,
  4. Headphones Inserted / Removed , Location Trigger, Media Button Press, Mobile Service Status, NFC Tag,
  5. Power Button Toggle, Power Connected / Removed, Regular Interval, Screen On / Off, Shake Device, SMS Received, SMS Sent, Widget Button Press, Wifi State Change.
  6. Auto Answer Call, Control Media, Display Notification, Delete SMS, Enable
  7. Disable Bluetooth & Connect to Audio Device, Enable / Disable Auto Rotate, Enable
  8.  Disable Auto Sync, Enable / Disable Data, Enabled / Disable GPS (*), Enable / Disable Wifi ,
  9. Enable / Disable Wifi Hotspot, Forward SMS, Kill Application, Launch Application, Make Call, Open Website, Play Sound, Popup Message, Reboot / Power Off, Record Microphone, Say Current Time, Send SMS ,
  10. Set Brightness, Set Airplane Mode, Set Keyguard, Set MacroDroid Mode, Set Ringtone, Set Screen Timeout, Set Volume, Set Wallpaper, Share Location,
  11. Sleep Before Next Action, Speak Text, Take Picture, Upload Last Photo, Vibrate.

More than 25 restrictions, including:

Battery Level, Bluetooth State, Call State, Day of the Week, External Power, Headphone Connection, Macrodroid Mode, Phone Ringing, Ringer Volume, Running Application, Screen On / Off, Time of Day, Wifi State .

Download Link

Download Now – 18 MB

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MacroDroid Pro 3.18.2 - Android Automation App

Download MacroDroid Pro 3.18.2 – Android Automation App Download

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