Mighty Party Clash of Heroes is a very interesting move-based tactical card action RPG! You have complete your tasks within 3 minutes of PVP battle. Get a chance to play as your favorite game character from tons of choice. So, Download Mighty Party Clash of Heroes 1.20 MOD APK now and enjoy the gameplay.

Mighty Party Clash of Heroes 1.20 MOD Game

Marvelous PvP face to face! Pick from dozens of Heroes with THOUSANDS of unique tactics and spells to destroy your competitors! Use royal archers at the high range, protect them with Ninjas of Scratching Winds, reinforce their attacks with magic and destroy the forces of your opponent! Real craft and tactics!

Mighty Party Clash of Heroes game Features

  • Innovative and fast battle system. Easy to read and extremely tactical!
  • Endless combat combinations of dozens of champions with their own strengths and weaknesses.
  • Lots of ways to strengthen heroes: evolve them, link them with others, make them legendary!
  • Captivating PVP (ranked battle, arena matches, tournaments, events, survival, incursions, etc.) with great prizes!
  • More…

Mighty Party Clash of Heroes 1.20 MOD

Mighty Party Clash of Heroes MOD Hacked APK Download

What’s new in v1.20

Performance Improvements

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