Naptime Premium 4.1.1 Download - Extend Android Battery Life

Naptime Premium 4.1.1 Download – Extend battery life with Doze Mode

Download Naptime Premium full version android app to extend battery life with super doze mode. This android app can optimize your device battery performance. So, Download Naptime Premium 4.1.1 apk now for free from here.

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Naptime Premium APK Download

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Naptime Premium is a app to enhance as well as improve the battery life of Android devices with the Doze mode. This app will bring Android’s Doze mode to the forefront.

The Doze mode can help increase battery life and save battery life by optimizing device standby and intelligent background activity management. To activate the Doze mode, the device should be in standby mode and the screen is off. In fact, the feature is designed to be activated when the system is not used.

The new mode will save battery power and whether it is in standby mode or not, it will be activated immediately after the monitor turns off.

When you put the phone in standby mode in your pocket, Doze allows the operating system to access the notebook for some time and execute some commands in the background. In this case you can be sure that you will never miss an emergency, such as alarms or important notifications.

The Doze is amazing, and certainly the best feature of Android is Marshmallow, Nougat and Oreo.

Using the Naptime Premium app , transferring to the “Aggressive doze” option (and assuming your device is routine), Doze will disable Doze mode after the screen turns off and disables your sensors if you are on the go. Slowly Everything goes back to normal when your device screen is turned on. It’s just like magic.

Naptime - the real battery saver ScreenshotNaptime - the real battery saver ScreenshotNaptime - the real battery saver ScreenshotNaptime - the real battery saver Screenshot

Latest Version Changes:

  • Naptime 4.1 Rootless Mode 2.0 aka BATTERY LIFE OVER 9000!
  • Huge focus on improving rootless mode implemented on release 4.0. It contains MAJOR improvements on its “brain” as well as oh boy you’re so going to love it!
  • Because of how confident I am in this feature I added a simple “Doze stats & history” panel where you can see a detailed log of “Screen on”, “Screen off”, “Doze on”, “Doze off” and “Doze off during screen off” for the past 24 hours.

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