Power + Launcher-Battery Saver is a very powerful and innovative Android app that works as a launcher as well as a power saver tool. It automatically keeps your unused apps into hibernation mode which will reduce the battery consumption. And as a launcher, it is also good and easy to use customizable launcher app. So, Download Power + Launcher-Battery Saver v1.4.40 Pro APK now to start saving battery with a launcher.

Power + Launcher-Battery Saver v1.4.40 Pro

Now you do not need two sperate application to save battery and for an impressive launcher, because it is all-in-one app. Power + Launcher-Battery Saver Pro app use a very smart and innovative technology which will save battery as a launcher. This app consume a very small amount of battery. From the developer word, it will reduce the use of the smartphone battery by 50%.

From the Launcher side of Power + Launcher-Battery Saver app, Easily locate a list of all your apps and assign shortcuts for their quick launch. If at any time you slow down the execution of the commands, just tap the cleaner for once and optimize everything by closing the background apps.

Power + Launcher-Battery Saver Pro App Features

  • Ultra smart system reduces battery loss by up to 50%
  • Superpower mode to prevent unnecessary software execution
  • Intelligent screen lock
  • You can increase the speed by just one touch
  • A smart search to find apps quickly
  • Folder particular icons in the device
  • View a list of all installed and system apps
  • Fast Touch Mode
  • Minimalist and beautiful interface
Power+ Launcher-Battery Saver ScreenshotPower+ Launcher-Battery Saver ScreenshotPower+ Launcher-Battery Saver ScreenshotPower+ Launcher-Battery Saver Screenshot

Power + Launcher-Battery Saver Pro APK Download

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What’s new in v1.4.40

Fix bug

Power + Launcher-Battery Saver Pro version lets you access all features without any restriction. Download Power + Launcher-Battery Saver Premium APK, Power + Launcher-Battery Saver Pro Full APK.