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Prepawway – Earn Your MCSA: Windows Server 2016 Certificationby Passing Microsoft 70-743 Exam

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One of the most brilliant ideas that Microsoft introduced was to enable the professionals to upgrade their skills when new Windows Server versions were made. Without this possibility, the specialists would be forced to stay stuck with skills focused on older versions. Thanks to this new approach, it’s now possible for you to upgrade your skills by taking only one exam. This brings us to the PrepAway.biz test. It is targeted at those who have already earned the MCSA: Windows 2008 or the Windows Server 2012 R2 credentials. It gives the students the chance to upgrade their skills to MCSA: Windows Server 2016 by passing this Microsoft exam. There are some details of the test and how you can earn your certificate.

General Details of Microsoft 70-743 Exam

The 70-743 exam usually has 40-60 questions. You may come across various types of questions that include fill-in-the-blank, scenario-based, build list, multiple choice, and hot area. To sit for this certification test, you must pay a fee of $165.

The Microsoft 70-743 examis a combination of three tests, namely, 70-740, 70-741 and 70-742. You’re expected to take the three in one sitting. The combined exam checks your readiness in implementing the key infrastructure services of the 2016 version of Windows Server. Here are the skills measured by this test:

  • Installing of Windows Servers in compute and host environments
  • Hyper-V implementation
  • Storage solutions implementation
  • High availability implementation
  • Implementation of Windows Containers
  • DNS implementation
  • Remote access and network connectivity solutions implementation
  • Implementation of a complex network architecture
  • Installation and configuration of AD DS
  • Identity federation and access solutions implementation

Upgrade Your Level to MCSA: Windows Server 2016

The main reason why Microsoft introduced this upgrade option of exam was to ensure that they gave the professionals a chance to have their skills up-to-date. The new version comes with new features that did not exist in the previous ones. Besides, other features were enhanced in order to meet the requirements of the market.

This makes it necessary for you as a professional to upgrade your skills. Failure to do so will make your existing skills obsolete. This will further affect your work performance and how long you’re going to maintain your job. It’s important to note that the employers prefer those specialists who are dynamic and conversant with new trends. It’s possible to remain in one level for many years or even lose your job if this is not taken care of. Thus, if you want to remain relevant in your place of work and the IT industry as a whole, it’s necessary to upgrade your Windows Server skills.

Microsoft is a global leader widely known for their technology products and certifications. Earning your new MCSA would make you get recognition from others. It’s an amazing way to get into the job market. The credential makes you more employable and trustworthy. This is a prestigious qualification that you cannot afford to ignore.

The other benefit that comes with taking this step is in raising your performance levels. Enhancing your knowledge and skills enables you to carry out tasks that you wouldn’t have carried out previously. You’ll be able to take up advanced and complex tasks as you deliver the expected results. This raises your potential in your place of work and makes it possible for your employers to give you a promotion and increase your pay. When you’re a high performer, you attract respect and confidence from those who look up to you. It also increases your confidence level, which will push you to go for even bigger goals.

Preparation Options

To ensure success in your test, you have to begin your revision early enough. This will make it possible for you to allocate enough time for your studies. Late preparation may force you to rush through your studies, and you might end up missing out on so many important things. What options will guarantee that you pass your Microsoft 70-743 exam on the first try? Let’s go through them one by one.

  1. Allocate enough time for revision.
  2. Use the right training course for the Microsoft 70-743 exam.
  3. Take advantage of the Microsoft study eBooks like the official Exam Ref 70-743 exam guide.
  4. Get into a study group that has the like-minded professionals preparing for the same Microsoft test as you. This will enable you to learn a lot as you exchange tips, challenges, experiences, and exam questions with the other group members.
  5. Make use of free Microsoft self-paced labs to give you the much needed hands-on experience.
  6. Practice your knowledge with exam dumps from PrepAway. This option is one of the most tested and proven preparation methods.

Job Roles

Once you’ve upgraded your skills by earning your MCSA credential, you are qualified to take any of the following job titles:

  • Network administrator
  • Computer systems analyst
  • Windows server administrator
  • Network engineer
  • Computer network specialist

What to Do Next After Your MCSA?

If you’re wondering what to do next after earning your MCSA certification, then you need to read this. This certificate opens up many opportunities for you, including jobs, career advancement, and broadening your skills further. Your next step should be to earn the MCSEcredential by passing one more exam. There are no limits.


Upgrading your Windows Server skills is one of the best career decisions that you can ever make. It prepares you for unlimited opportunities in your area of specialization. Try to pass the Microsoft 70-743 exam and be on your way to making a positive difference in your profession and the IT sphere in general.


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