Proximity Lock Unlock Pro 1.0462 APK [Full] for AndroidDownload Proximity Lock Unlock Pro 1.0462 APK [Full] for Android

Proximity Lock & Unlock Pro is a useful app to Take ultimate control of your Android over proximity. The apps have mainly two purposes: Lock your device, and unlock the device. Lock (The device locks and the screen turn off when the proximity sensor is covered). Unlock (device is turned on and the screen turns on when the proximity sensor is covered). And here is the latest premium version that you can download. So, Download Proximity Lock Unlock Pro 1.0462 APK from here for free.

The Proximity Lock/Unlock Pro app also has an important feature known as Pocket Mode. Pocket mode (device locks when put in the pocket and unlocks when taken). This mode also uses the accelerometer to check the position of the device. Locks when the head down at a specified angle and when find sensor It unlocks when discovering sensor). You can also Download: Ruler Premium 1.0.6 APK – Measurement App for Android

  • Proximity Lock/Unlock Pro Screenshot
  • Proximity Lock/Unlock Pro Screenshot
  • Proximity Lock/Unlock Pro Screenshot

Features of Proximity Lock Unlock Pro Android App:

  • Easy and Faster device Lock
  • Fast Unlock.
  • Pocket prevention mode.
  • Sensor Delay (set time delay before sensor detects object , useful to prevent unintentional locking/unlocking)
  • Permanent Notification (disable permanent notification. can create problems below Jellybean)
  • Auto On/Off (App will automatically start at desired time as well as stop at desired time)
  • Autostart on boot (App will start when device is rebooted)
  • For More Visit Official Site

Download Proximity Lock Unlock Pro APK

Latest Version Changes:

Only for rooted users:
Added: ROOT support for first lock function only, this means that fingerprint should work but only for the basic lock function.

Will be rolled out to other functions later after feedback.

Please note: this is only for rooted users. If you do not know what root is and your device is not rooted, this update will not affect your device.