RE Equalizer v1.3.9 APKDownload RE Equalizer v1.3.9 APK for Enhance Sound Effect

RE Equalizer is a useful Android app that helps to improve the sound quality. You can set pre-set equalizer functions as well as custom. It integrated with advanced features such as Shunt Audio Engine(c) and Smart Interface(c), RE-EQ components utilize special filters which eliminate the artifacts, noise, and distortion associated with band interaction and provide perfect curve and stair-stepped filter responses. Finally, RE-EQ integrated real-time analyzer lets you compare the difference between audio signal. And here you can download this premium app for free. So, Download RE Equalizer v1.3.9 APK now and enhance the sound quality.

RE Equalizer 10-Band ScreenshotRE Equalizer 10-Band ScreenshotRE Equalizer 10-Band ScreenshotRE Equalizer 10-Band Screenshot

RE-EQ is designed to achieve ‘broad brush’ tone-shaping effects thus equipped with fine controls to provide full freedom for sound tuning and tweaking so that users get the mix and sound the way they want, which means spending less time on setup and more time for tuning.

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Features of RE Equalizer App

  • 20 Built-in + pre-machined presets with 5 custom presets
  • A wide range of controls for Rapid Fine Tuning and Shaping the EQ
  • Gain Scaling Options
  • Stepping, Mixing, Morphing, Shifting Bands with Multi-directional Automation Control
  • 7 Modes of Drawing Multiple Shapes and Curve Training
  • Built-in Threshold Gate Override Clipping Signal
  • BYPASS Global / REAL TIME Switch
  • Audio Analyzer for real-time monitoring
  • Available in standalone and Plugged version
  • And More…

This app is developed by WiseSchematics on Google PlayStore. And it works with Android 4.1 or latest version.

RE Equalizer v1.3.9 APK Download

Latest Version Changes:

Performance improvements