Sleep as Android FULL v20170904 – Free Download [.apk]

Sleep as Android FULL v20170904 – Free Download

Sleep as Android FULL v20170904 build 1620 + Add-ons is a smart alarm clock with tracking sleep cycle. This app will lightly awake you in a momentous moment to have a pleasant, joyful morning.

This app can record your whiff and sound when you are asleep and show your depth of sleep. Also, this program sets you up with gentle sounds and wakes up by setting the wake-up time unlike the sudden alarms.

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Sleep as Android Pro Download

If above download link is not working then you can try Mirror Download Link

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Features of Sleep as Android Full

  • Sleep or Smart Wake Tracking – Sleep
  • Chart History – Sleep
  • Deprivation, Sleep Deprivation and Snoring
  • Pebble SmartWatch Sleep Tracking Support
  • Social Sharing (Facebook, Twitter)
  • Alerts Voice of nature with gentle sound (bird, sea, storm, etc.)
  • Alarm music playlists
  • Nature’s lullaby with binaural sounds for fast sleep
  • You never fall asleep with the confirmation of the security code (math, sheep count, shake Giving phone, QR code or NFC bathroom tag)
  • Sleep recording, snoring detection and snoring
  • And …


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Sleep as Android FULL

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We are constantly improving this app with several updates monthly. Bringing timely fixes and new features you ask for. Detailed release notes at:

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