Social media is considered one of the most dangerous places for any child. Snapchat, for example, is famous for being the most secure social media platform but it does not mean that you should not implement Snapchat monitoring. According to reports more than 20% of the people using Snapchat share explicit content that can be harmful to your child.

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With a spy app like cocospy, you should be able to keep a close watch on what your children are doing on the platform and also protect them. Some of the main reasons why you will want to make sure that you track your child’s Snapchat activities include;

It’s addictive

Generally, social media is addictive thanks to the endless content being uploaded every second. For a child; deciding when to or when not to be on Snapchat is a great challenge. That is because; they have a higher concentration which is hungry for new things to fill up their brains.

As a responsible parent, you need to make sure that your child is safe from such risks even when you are not close. With the right phone tracking app like cocospy, you can quickly achieve this.

Apart from protecting your child from harmful content, you will also be able to control their screen time. Some adults are addicted to Snapchat, and the consequences are quite adverse.

The cost of rehabilitation is high plus your child will have to lose a couple of months of their lives trying to get back the connection with the real world. Instead of waiting to spend your money on rehab, you can invest in good tracking software for cheap.

Predators dwell in Snapchat

One of the most significant risks of letting your child use Snapchat without protection is the probability of them meeting predators.

Remember that there are people who use children for incredible things and they know very well that there are plenty of children on Snapchat. Making friends on Snapchat is easy and also a process. With the right tracking app, you will be able to identify people with evil motives and intervene at the right time.

Remember that it takes time to build a friendship to a level that your child tends to trust a total stranger more than the parents thoroughly. That means, the predator will have to be always in touch with your child, and this can go for so many months under your nose. Parents who have been unfortunate can attest that rehabilitating a child is quite costly and a painful experience for any parent.

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Protect your child from cyber-bullying

While most parents don’t know it, the rate of cyber-bullying amongst children on Snapchat is significant. Therefore, your child is at risk of getting bullied online.

There are reports where children have been bullied online to the extent that they commit suicide. The good thing is that such risks are easily avoidable if you track your child’s phone. As much as you have to let your children fight their own battles, you will want to monitor how they do it.

For cyber-bullying, some children handle themselves well, but the ones with low self-esteem suffer the most. As a parent, you know the kind of esteem your child has. Additionally, you don’t want someone else telling your child otherwise about themselves; hence you may want to be watching over everything taking place in their Snapchat accounts.

Protect your child’s reputation

When one posts on Snapchat, the content disappears after a while. This has given so many people the courage of putting up daring photos that can destroy their reputation if it leaks outside Snapchat. Since children follow what they see, it will be very easy for them to post humiliating images of themselves.

As a parent, you should be in a position to ensure that your child’s reputation stays intact even when on Snapchat.


While Snapchat is a fun platform to interact and share content, it is good to know that not everyone using the platform I after sharing content and interacting with new people. For a long time before mobile tracking apps, so many children lost their lives and ended up dead or in rehab because parents had no way of keeping track of what their children do online and who they are in touch with.