Wavebox allows you to produce all your web tools together for faster, smarter working. From web to the desktop, in one neatly packaged app! Linking your favorite web tools to Wavebox is super-easy, and all have full notification support. And here is the latest version that you can download with a direct link. So, Download Wavebox 64-bit now for Windows.

Wavebox combines seamlessly with your operating system to keep you absolutely up-to-date. It built on top of technologies that you already use every day. It does this to leverage all the difficult work that developers around the world have put into their projects and to deliver the most reliable stable experience to you when you use this software.

Builds by the original creators of the open-source WMail project. Wavebox is open-source and builds on the amazing fulfillment of WMail whilst adding support for many more services and tools. It’s Wavebox, but your way. You can customize your notifications, how your Tray icon looks, what to do with downloaded files, and so much more. Just open the settings dialog and fiddle to your heart’s content!

Download Wavebox 64-bit

Key Features of this Software

  • Supports extras – Extras provided by your favorite online tools, such as storage, calendars, and task management, are all supported.
  • Add links – De-clutter your desktop by adding links to your favorite networks, such as company Intranet, Facebook and Newsfeeds.
  • Multiple accounts – Quickly switch between your accounts, so no more waiting, alt-tabbing or losing your place between screens.
  • Lightweight – Wavebox can ‘sleep’ any account and sit quietly in the background whilst still saving you up to date on new notifications.
  • Cross-platform – Works great on OSX, Windows & Linux – no reason to ever type gmail.com into your browser again!
  • 43+ Dictionaries – Use spellcheck in your native language with contemporary suggestions and corrections in multiple languages.
  • Keyboard shortcuts – Supports all your present keyboard shortcuts. No need to study anything new or use new alien combinations.
  • Quietly hidden – Wavebox gives you the right to get out of your way, and lets you choose what (if any) UI you want to see.

Note: 14 days trial version. Limited functionality in the demo version. For extent visit Official Site – Bookry Ltd

Download Wavebox 64-bit for Windows

Wavebox 4.6.0.exe Download – 61.9 MB