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Download NetTraffic v1.47.3 – Internet Traffic Management Software

Download NetTraffic v1.47.3 - Internet Traffic Management Software
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Download NetTraffic v1.47.3 - Internet Traffic Management SoftwareNetTraffic v1.47.3 – Internet Traffic Management Software Download

NetTraffic is a simple Internet Traffic Management software for Windows. An application that monitors incoming as well as outgoing network traffic. Catering to all users who are interested in evaluating statistics, such as network administrators. NetTraffic is so easy to use and very small in size. And most important, the software is freeware. So, Download NetTraffic v1.47.3 – Internet Traffic Management Software now for free.

Now a day, with the advent of technology and communications, most users use the new generation of the Internet. Such as ADSL, and because the provided services are limited in size, they are always concerned about their consumption. With NetTraffic software, you can have the full and accurate management of your Internet usage. So, more data wastage. You can also Download: Simple Invoice v3.3.0 – Invoice management Software

This software can accurately control the amount of bandwidth you use as well as graphically display it. This way, you can monitor your daily traffic flow so you do not have to buy traffic at the end of the month!

NetTraffic Internet Traffic Software for Windows

Features of NetTraffic Internet Traffic Software

  • Network traffic, network monitoring, network data rate, network bandwidth, network throughput, network speed meter, network activity, network usage history, network usage predictions
  • Traffic monitoring, traffic counter, traffic usage, traffic monitor
  • Bandwidth speed, bandwidth monitor, bandwidth usage, bandwidth meter, bandwidth monitoring
  • Link throughput, network throughput, connection throughput
  • Internet connection speed monitoring, Internet link data rate
  • Quota counter, data transfer limit usage meter, data plan usage. Feature usable for users with limited Internet connection. In some cases (for example, mobile Internet), the data amount is limited or / and the speed over the data limit is limited. Quota counter show usage of the data limit and lapse of (billing) period
  • Usage statistics, data transfer usage tracking, data meter, data sent, data received, data usage charts
  • Real-time, real-time statistics, real-time data rate chart, live link speed plot, live throughput graph
  • Tray icon (network activity indicator), notify icon
  • Network interfaces, adapters, cards, links, connections monitor
  • Tool, software, application, utility
  • Modes: installer, portable (instant, standalone)
  • Multi-language
  • Lightweight
  • Freeware, free

Download NetTraffic – Internet Traffic Management Software

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Download NetTraffic v1.47.3 - Internet Traffic Management Software

Download Download NetTraffic v1.47.3 – Internet Traffic Management Software


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