Latest Silent Mode Pro 2.1.1 APK Download for Full Android Smartphone Silent

Run your Android smartphone in a fully silent mode with Silent Mode Pro advanced software. Customizable silent system for all your installed apps and games. Select from a list of installed applications and make it silent. So, in short, it is a full all-in-one customizable silent mode solution for your smartphone. Download now the Silent Mode Pro 2.1.1 APK from here for free.

The Silent Mode ᴾᴿᴼ (Camera Mute) software can switch the phone to silent and mute when using the main camera of the phone for shooting or using a stipulated app or game. Users of Android 7.0 and latest can quickly enable or disable this app from the Quick Settings tile section. You can activate or deactivate the silent mode with a single touch.

Features of Silent Mode Pro 2.1.1 Android App:

  • Widget support, quick settings, shortcuts, one-touch silent switch
  • Automatically activates silent mode when running specified applications
  • Supports silent camera shutter (no need for root)
  • And More…

Silent Mode ᴾᴿᴼ software is a product of MIN Studio for Android 5.0 or the latest version. More than 50,000+ installation from Google Playstore with 4.1/5 average users rating makes this app so popular.

Download Silent Mode Pro [Full Paid] APK

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How to use the Software:
1- After installing the program, turn on the vowel mode.
2- Select the programs you want to mute from within the program. (If you just want to silence your phone’s camera, you can turn on the “Use silent when shooting basic camera” option.)

What’s new inside v2.1.1

  • Support Android 10(Samsung Galaxy ONE UI2)
  • (Added settings for Android 10 only)
Accessibility is not turned on.

If you have the ability to hide the entire screen of other apps that use the accessibility feature, policy is not accessible to other apps. Or reboot.

I made a silent sound when I shot a basic camera.

You can not tell which is the default camera by changing the default camera for each phone. Check the default camera name at the bottom. If your primary camera is not the one you normally use as your default camera, you can select it directly from the app selection below.