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Download SQLite Expert Professional v5.2 [x64] – Windows DBM Software

SQLite Expert Professional
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Download SQLite Expert Professional v5.2 [x64]

Download SQLite Expert Professional v5.2 64bit Version

SQLite Expert is a Windows Database Management Software. Your simple database queries can make a  complex database development. This software includes a query builder as well as a SQL editor with syntax highlighting, auto-complete commands, view and create tables, and log in and out of database information. So, Download SQLite Expert Professional 5 latest version for free from here.

The panels of this program allow you to view links to databases, database inventories, table variables such as indexes, keys, etc., or add, delete, or modify them. You can also create a new database with this program and edit its contents and data. Since it has the ability to back up and restore information, you should not worry about data loss.

Key features of the software SQLite Expert:

  • Manage database
  • Archive of ( the book house of) information and easy access to them
  • Commutative and data transfer
  • Edit and change the information and tables (management on tables)
  • Repair database crashes
  • Professional SQL editor
  • Use and copy tables between different databases
  • Restore and modify indexes and fields without losing them
  • Display and edit information such as BLOB fields and photo fields
  • Support From BMP, JPG, PNG, GIF and ICO formats
  • and …

Download SQLite Expert Professional

What’s more, SQLite Expert Professional supports transactions with rollback and atomic commit so you can easily correct recovery from failures and make sure your databases are not affected due to system crashes. In case you want to start a new transaction in the selected database, you can choose the proper option from the main menu or execute a Begin [Transaction] command in a SQL script.

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Download Now – 42 MB

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SQLite Expert Professional

Download Download SQLite Expert Professional v5.2 [x64] – Windows DBM Software

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