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LUNA SONATA MOD APK v1.4.4 (Menu, Free Premium Choices)

LUNA SONATA MOD APK v1.4.4 (Menu, Free Premium Choices)
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This game is produced by Storytaco and Wonyframe as a collaborative project.

■ LUNA SONATA Introduction

"Those 4 hot guys all like me?!"

Vampire, with his dangerous charm; Werewolf, who's big, fluffy and cute; Hunter, the guy you can always count on; Doctor, a smart man with a warm heart.
Who will be the man that will move your heart?

Go on dates to unlock CGs, increase affinity and unlock good endings!


On a same old day, same old job as a Hunter,
I've been attacked by a vampire!
As my peaceful life was falling apart,
I come across an opportunity of a lifetime.

What kind of life will I live?

Pleasure, freedom, peace, pride, and love;
What is it do I really want?

Your future lies upon the choices you make!

■ Why You Should Play LUNA SONATA

– I choose what to do with my life! Multiple choices and endings
– Top quality CGs
– Awesome background music that goes well with the game's atmosphere
– Bonus unlockable episodes and epilogue, as well as the main storyline!

■ LUNA SONATA: Recommended For You!

– Wanna date with good-looking guys?
– Been looking for a dating sim with a romantic love story?
– Ever wanted to date with a non-human?
– Wanted a role-playing game (RPG) with a peculiar twist?
– Got sick and tired of dating sims with only girls in it?
– Are you a fan of romance novels, mangas, animes, light novels, and visual novels?
– Do you like text-based games, interactive games, otome games, story-based games, and games based on novels?
– Were you looking for free games, easy games, indie games, therapeutic games, games with multiple choices, and more?

- bug fixes.
LUNA SONATA MOD APK v1.4.4 (Menu, Free Premium Choices)

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