7 Ways to use Auto Clicker like a Pro

7 Ways to use Auto Clicker like a Pro

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The sole purpose of any auto clicker, irrespective of its brand or development style, is to automate the mechanical task of clicking repeatedly on the screen. Therefore, setting the parameters of a clicker and figuring out its use in various fields might appear to be a simple task at first. However, there are several nuances of an auto clicker that users often overlook when using one. These small tricks and tricks can almost double the efficiency of the clicker that you have been using for so long. This article will elaborate on 7 such ways in which you can exponentially increase the work productivity of your clicker and turn into an absolute pro! Some of the ways include making parameter changes while others state the perfect use of a auto clicker in a situation where it is required.

Click Interval

Once you have downloaded a clicker of your choice either from any app store or from the company website itself, when you launch it, you will find a setting called click interval as a parameter on the clicker interface. The interval parameter has time division in hours, minutes, seconds, and milliseconds. Almost all clickers have an interval of 100 milliseconds set. Users might take this to be the fastest setting for the clicker. However, if you set all the time divisions to zero, will you get the fastest clicks from your clicker. So, whenever you need to click the fastest that your clicker will allow, all you have to do is set the clicker interval to 0 and set it to “Repeat until stopped”.

Cursor Position

This simple trick proves to be extremely beneficial if you are playing click-based games. All auto clicker applications have the option of selecting a cursor position where it will click on the screen. If you are using some of the better clickers like OP Auto Clicker or GS Auto Clicker, other than the conventional X-Y coordinate and mouse pointer options, you will also be offered a ‘Dynamic Cursor position’ option. On selecting the option, the clicker will follow the mouse pointer while also clicking simultaneously along the way. In games like Roblox, where you have to use several buttons like fire, punch, crouch, and prone, simply dragging your mouse to a button will trigger it and enable you to eliminate your opponents faster.

Recording Clicks

If you want to be a pro in auto clickers, understanding the dynamics of clicking is a must. To be able to successfully record clicks and use it in your daily life is an integral part of making your auto clicker more efficient. A disclaimer to this option is that only high-end clickers have the option of recording a sequence of clicks. You will definitely get this option in OP and GS Auto Clickers as well as the Murgee Auto Clicker. Click on the record button of the auto clicker and click on several different places on the screen as required. The click types can be both left or right as well as double clicks. Once you are done, click on the record button again to save it. When you press Play next, the entire sequence will be replicated.

Numbered Clicks

Clickers that do not have the Record option, have this option called Numbered Clicks. The interface has several buttons numbered 1, 2, 3, 4, and so on. Normally numbered clicks are restricted under 10. This allows you to save a sequence of clicks in the auto clicker’s memory. Click on the button numbered 1 on the clicker and click on a point on the screen. This click will be saved as the first one in the sequence. Similarly, repeat the steps to save clicks for 2, 3, 4, and so on. Now when you press the start hotkey, the entire sequence will play out starting from 1 until the clicks are exhausted. If you are extracting data from online forms or trying to submit a few thousand of them, this option comes in handy.

Automating sniper rifles in video games

This is a pro tip for gamers who are into shooting games and want to automate DMR rifles that normally shoot a single bullet when the fire button is pressed and held. An example of this would be operating guns such as Mini 14, SKS, SLR, and QBUs in PUBG (both mobile and PC). These guns produce much more damage as compared to a single bullet of an automatic gun. To run these guns like auto rifles, set the clicker on the fire button and bring it up to its fastest setting. On pressing the hotkey, your sniper rifles will start firing like assault rifles.

Hotkey Settings

With the advent of hotkeys, using auto clickers has become so much easier. Even though users see a hotkey panel on the interface of the clicker, they tend to overlook it as an option that is not so important. In such cases, you will always have to keep your clicker on the display as you have to press start and stop. The hotkeys are keyboard shortcuts. If you want to start and stop the clicker, all you need to do is press the hotkey to trigger it. In this way, the clicker can be kept minimized. The hotkeys can be changed to any key you wish.

Action after Clicking

This is a parameter that is rarely used but can be very useful in several ways. As suggestive from the name, with the help of this option, you can set an action after the clicker has completed clicking. By default, it is set to idle and that is how most people use it. However, the available options are Quit, Lock Computer, Log Off, Turn Off, and Standby. All of these actions can be performed directly from the boundaries of your clicker.

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